dan doldermanDr. Dan Dolderman is one of three professors considered “life-changing” by students at the University of Toronto. Deeply concerned about the future of the planet, Dr. Dolderman has spoken at various TEDx conferences. You can find out when he is speaking or his videos become available by liking his facebook page and signing up to receive email newsletters:

Bio:  Dr. Dan Dolderman is an Environmental Psychologist at the University of Toronto, specializing in environmental activism and personal fulfillment. His work stems from a passion for helping people reach their full potential and cultivate a deeper awareness of their connection to the living world, two life paths that are intimately intertwined. Dan’s past work has involved helping to create environmental programs at the University of Toronto, and working with various organizations to try to empower people to become active advocates for an ethical and sustainable society. Currently, his work is focused on helping to catalyze a grassroots social movement, the Unstoppable Snowball, in the hopes of bringing climate change activism into the mainstream so that our governments will function as true democracies that operate in accordance with the collective will of the people.

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